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Our team has a unique passion for health care and deep compassion for patients.

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How NATROX® was born

The inventor of our technology, Mel, had an aging aunt suffering in pain for months due to a venous leg ulcer that refused to heal. After confiding how much indescribable pain she endured, Mel wanted to find some way to help her. He knew if her wound would heal, she could be relieved of so much daily misery. And so began his quest to learn how wounds healed.

After much research, he realized oxygen was the secret to healing. He was determined to use this secret to help heal his aunt.

But how could he get oxygen near a wound without applying any pressure or chemicals to the skin? This would be key to avoid any negative side effects. Of course, he didn’t want to make things worse!

After consulting friends at the University of Cambridge, our inventor and his small team masterminded the technology today known as NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy, which leverages the natural properties of oxygen to stimulate healing.

In an effort to share this solution to help others, they formed a company called Inotec AMD, known for its innovative technology in advanced medical devices. Surely, there were people just like Mel struggling to find a solution for a hard-to-heal wound.

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Today, our mission is to transform the quality
of life for anyone with a chronic wound.
Because everyone deserves the chance to heal.

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Hear Mel tell his story of
how it all started.

About Us

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Our Mission

Chronic wounds affect millions worldwide. Our mission is to transform the lives of patients suffering from hard-to-heal wounds through our innovative technology.

Passion for medicine, compassion for patients, respect among employees, and commitment to customers drives our success and enables us to restore hope to those who need it most.

An award-winning company, product, and team.

Meet the team

Our team has a unique passion for health care and deep compassion for patients.
Get to know our team. We can help you take the next step forward in wound care.

Craig Kennedy


John Adam


Chris Lyon

VP Sales, North America

Nancy Stahulak

VP, Global Marketing

Nick Howard

Director, Strategy

Sandy Fliri-Marx

Director, Human Resources

Bruce Geltman

Director, US Strategic Accounts

Lamine Guendil

General Manager, Asia

David Fernández

Sales Director, EMEA & LATAM

Clinical Advisory Board


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Gregory Schultz

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Windy Cole, DPM

Director, Global Medical Affairs

Professor Keith Harding


Board Members

Dr. Adrian Parton, MBE


Michael Clancy

Non-Executive Director

Pierre Socha

Non-Executive Director


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