Oxygen plays a vital role in healing

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  • promotes growth factor
    signalling transduction

  • collagen

  • cell proliferation &

  • angiogenesis and

  • cell metabolism &
    energy production

  • antibacterial


Antibacterial Activities

Oxygen is essential during neutrophil or macrophage respiratory burst, producing reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are extremely important in microbial and debris clearance. ++


Cell metabolism & energy production

Nearly all cellular processes use energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Low O2 x Glucose = 2 ATP
High O2 x Glucose = 36 ATP++


Angiogenesis and Revascularisation

Rate and quality of blood vessels affected by oxygen levels, supplemental oxygen accelerates blood vessel growth.++


Cell Proliferation &

Delivering low flow oxygen to a diabetic wound has been shown to increase the rate of wound closure, by as much as 69%. ++


Collagen synthesis

Collagen acts as the structural scaffold of the skin. Higher oxygen concentrations have been found to increase both the amount of collagen production and its tensile strength. ++


Promotes growth factor signalling transduction

Promotion of ROS essential for the signalling processes of growth factors and processes such as angiogenesis and extracellular matrix formation. ++ ++

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Supplementary oxygen
can improve healing

  • NATROX® O₂ delivers continuous pure humidified oxygen to the wound bed.
  • Evidence shows oxygen plays a vital role in enabling wound healing.

Supplementary oxygen can help at any phase of healing

NATROX® O2 offers the following benefits:

Continuous Oxygen icon_GRAD.svg

oxygen therapy

Generates and delivers pure humidified oxygen directly to wounds 24/7. Continuous flow ensures an oxygen-rich environment.

Easy to Use icon_GRAD.svg

Easy to use

Compatible with most standard of care treatments.

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Supports patient compliance

Ease of use and portability means minimal disruption to patients’ lifestyle, supporting compliance.

Active Therapy icon_GRAD.svg

Active therapy

Works together with existing therapies, across all patient groups and care settings.

Proven efficacy icon.svg

Proven clinical efficacy

71% greater healing rates compared to standard of care alone.++   Numerous studies demonstrate the efficacy of healing using NATROX® O₂.

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Quick dressing changes and minimum debridement required, helps free up your time.

Hassle free icon-1.svg

Hassle free

Easy for patients to self-manage. No out-of-hour service or support required.

Patient Satisfaction icon.svg

Patient satisfaction

90% patient satisfaction scores++, improves compliance.

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Randomized Control Trial (RCT) on non-healing diabetic foot ulcers

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Topical oxygen therapy improved healing of even advanced (Texas Grade III) DFUs, or wounds open up to 88 weeks.++

Assessing if NATROX® O2 is right for your patient

Does my patient need NATROX® O2?

What to expect when using NATROX® O2?

How to increase
patient compliance

Risk factors
to consider

What are the patient benefits of using NATROX® O2?

How to apply NATROX® O2

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Studies show patients with a chronic wound have a 71% greater chance of healing using NATROX® than with standard of care alone.++

Topical oxygen therapy can improve both patient outcomes and quality of life.++   See for yourself why NATROX® O2 gets 90% patient satisfaction scores.++

Move forward with NATROX® O2


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