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Delivering wound care technology that works seamlessly across the care continuum and that can transform patients’ lives.

We deliver advanced solutions to aid wound healing—even in chronic, non-healing wounds. Our innovative online platform makes it easier for healthcare professionals to manage wounds.

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Our Mission

Chronic wounds affect millions worldwide. Our mission is to transform the lives of patients suffering from hard-to-heal wounds through our innovative wound care brand, NATROX®.

Passion for medicine, compassion for patients, respect among employees, and commitment to delight all our internal and external customers drives our success and enables us to restore hope to those who need it most.

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Chronic Wounds:
The silent epidemic

Chronic wounds, or wounds that are slow to heal, affect millions of people worldwide, representing a burden for healthcare systems, society, and patients. It’s time to fight the silent epidemic.

Did you know 18% of global wounds are considered chronic?1 Costs to care for these wounds account for 60% of total wound care costs. But there are hidden costs, too.

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Globally chronic wounds result in:


more GP visits2


more hospital admissions2


more nurse practitioner visits2

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