Inotec AMD Limited signs distributor agreement with AG-Nass, LLC Medical Supply

Cambridge, UK – 26 March 2019 – Cambridge based Inotec AMD Limited is excited to announce that they have signed a distributor agreement with AG-Nass, LLC Medical Supply Distribution. The relationship with AG-Nass, LLC is a significant step forward for Inotec AMD Inc. Having a distributor in the Northeast US enables Inotec AMD to bring NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy to customers and helps pave the way for penetration into one of the fastest growing wound care markets.

New Jersey, US based AG-Nass, LLC specializes in medical supplies for hospitals, physician offices, clinics, outpatient surgery; and orthopedics (including podiatry). They are a direct distributor and launch partner for specialty medical devices. AG-Nass, LLC believes that technology should enable better patient care and partnering with Inotec AMD aligns that core value. Inotec AMD’s mobile device, NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy, is a proven technology that greatly improves patient outcomes. It has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Product Leadership Award.

NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy was invented to overcome hypoxia in non-healing wounds that afflict millions of sufferers around the world every year. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy is an innovative, simple and easy-to-use device that has been clinically proven to continuously deliver 98% pure humidified oxygen direct to the wound bed.

Inotec AMD Limited opened its first office in the US in May of 2018. This office is home to the recently established Inotec AMD Inc. US subsidiary, supporting the company’s business growth strategy in the US market. This agreement is one of many steps that Inotec AMD has pursued to expand it’s commitment to the US market.

Ms. Hohenberger, VP America of Inotec AMD Inc. said “We are thrilled to partner with AG-Nass, LLC in serving our joint customers. Together we will increase awareness and provide NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy to the health care team and the patients they serve. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and restore the quality of life for those inflicted with chronic non-healing wounds”.

Dr. Essam Nasser, Principal and Director of AG-Nass, LLC said, “Many patients around the world suffer from chronic non-healing wounds which impacts their well-being. We believe the partnership with Inotec AMD Inc. will give us access to a cutting edge product revolutionizing the wound care space. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy is a game changer which will dramatically help accelerate the healing process. We are excited for the relationship with Inotec AMD Inc. and look forward to mutually successful growth.”

NATROX® Wound Care Therapy is FDA approved. Inotec AMD Inc. will continue to position NATROX® to be an integral part of global wound care treatment regimes.