Inotec Receives Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) award

[Hickory, NC – March 1, 2020]- Inotec AMD Ltd, is pleased to announce the receipt of a Federal Supply Schedule award issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This award enables the company to provide NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy to all branches of the Federal government including the Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Bureau of Prisons under Schedule 65 II A – Medical Equipment and Supplies.

The Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health network in the USA, treating in excess of 9 million Veterans annually at 154 VA hospitals and 1,400 health care sites. Under this agreement, federal government departments will be able to order NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy. This innovative, simple and easy-to-use FDA-cleared device delivers continuous, pure, humidified oxygen directly to the wound bed to aid wound healing.

“NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy has the ability to impact positively on Veterans suffering from a chronic wound,” commented Craig Kennedy, CEO of Inotec. “Our technology is not only effective but because it’s been designed with patients in mind, it’s incredibly easy for them to incorporate it into their daily life, ultimately empowering the patient and improving their wellbeing.”

Kathy Hohenberger, VP Americas, stated, “This is an extremely exciting time for Inotec. I’m very proud of our team who are committed to serving veterans and their loved ones. We are looking forward to the opportunity to provide the VA facilities with this extremely innovative and effective therapy. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy will improve wound healing, enhance patient compliance and ultimately help restore the quality of life for Veterans Health Administration patients”.

About Inotec
Inotec AMD is a maker of mobile medical devices designed to heal chronic, hypoxic wounds that afflict millions of sufferers around the world every year. The global wound care market is projected to grow to $18.3 billion, driven in part by changing lifestyles and ageing populations in many countries. There are some 400 million diabetes sufferers around the world, some 60 million of whom are likely to develop a lower limb ulcer. As more than 90% of wounds suffer from a lack of oxygen, the launch of NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy addresses this serious concern with a simple, cost-effective application that treats a broad spectrum of chronic health problems.