Introducing NATROX® Wound Care’s New Video Series Showing How to Apply NATROX® O₂ 

Step-by-step guidance on using this effective continuous topical oxygen therapy with minimal training

21 June 2023– Cambridge, UK] – NATROX® Wound Care, a leading provider of advanced wound care solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of an informative video series aimed at demonstrating the quick and easy application of NATROX® O₂ continuous topical oxygen therapy for chronic wounds. The comprehensive series provides step-by-step guidance on effectively applying NATROX® O₂ therapy. It is designed to empower users, whether healthcare professionals, caregivers, or patients managing chronic wounds. 

How the videos can help you 
The videos demonstrate the optimal application of NATROX® O₂ for non-healing wounds, using USA products and protocols. It guides viewers through various essential steps, including preparing both the treatment space and the wound, and follow-along steps showing how to apply NATROX® O₂. The videos are aimed to support clinical teams by simplifying the process of training staff. 

“We developed this easy-to-follow video series showcasing the simple and straightforward application of NATROX® O₂,” said Nancy Stahulak, Vice President of Global Marketing at NATROX® Wound Care. “Clinicians will be happy to see how quick and easy it is to integrate NATROX® O₂ into their standard of care practice. The best part is this educational content is available any time, on-demand.” 

Video support based on wound type 
The series delivers a general overview of , beginning with the setup and supplies for treatment. Then, it goes a step further, providing guidance on how to apply this topical oxygen therapy to specific wound types, including: 

Not all wounds are alike, and this targeted approach ensures clinicians gain the knowledge and expertise needed by accounting for factors such as wound size, location, and levels of exudate. 

Where to find the series 
Accessing the videos is easy. A dedicated page has been added to the NATROX® Wound Care website:

Additionally, the videos are available on the NATROX® Wound Care YouTube Channel:

The series serves as a valuable educational resource, offering insights on how to incorporate NATROX® O2 into existing standard of care to increase healing rates.1 With its release, the company reaffirms its dedication to supporting clinicians and empowering patients. 


  1. Serena TE, Bullock NM, Cole W, et al. (2021) Topical oxygen therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers: a multicentre, open, randomised controlled trial. J Wound Care, 30(Sup5):s7-14. 


About NATROX® Wound Care: 
NATROX® Wound Care is a renowned provider of innovative wound care solutions. By developing cutting-edge products and educational resources, the company aims to revolutionize the management of chronic wounds. NATROX® Wound Care’s flagship product, NATROX® O₂, is designed to deliver topical oxygen therapy and promote the healing of non-healing wounds. Committed to excellence, NATROX® Wound Care continually strives to enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by chronic wounds. 

Media contact

Nancy Sahulak 
VP Global Marketing 
+1 (888) 354 9772 

NATROX introduces a video series on wound care using NATROX® O₂