NATROX® exhibiting at SAWC Fall 2019 in Las Vegas

For the second time, NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy will be showcased at SAWC Fall 2019 Conference that will be held in Las Vegas. We invite you to visit us at our NATROX® booth 141.

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall meeting (SAWC Fall) serves as a forum to connect NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy with the entire wound care team — physicians, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, scientists, podiatrists, and dietitians — and with the foremost experts in wound care. SAWC Fall offers a very high level of education, advanced state-of-the-art clinical reviews and emerging research findings.

NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy is a FDA approved innovative, simple and easy-to-use portable device that has been clinically proven to deliver 98% pure humidified oxygen direct to the wound bed. NATROX® has been designed simply to heal chronic wounds.