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Uses the natural properties of oxygen to heal wounds faster

Patients with a chronic wound have a 71% greater chance of healing using NATROX® O2 topical oxygen therapy than with standard of care alone.1

NATROX® O₂ is NHS SBS approved, NATROX® O₂ is an FDA-approved device, NATROX® O₂ has European certification of medical quality, NATROX® O₂ is an approved product on the GSA federal supply schedule
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    Designed simply to heal wounds

    NATROX® O₂ is a medical device that uses the natural properties of oxygen to stimulate healing in previously non-healing wounds.

    It is non-invasive, comfortable, portable, and highly effective.

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    A flexible solution

    Ideal across all clinical and home care settings. It can be used during any phase of healing and works with most standard secondary dressing.

    Our proprietary “wheel” design is made from a supple, pliable material that molds effortlessly to wounds.

Oxygen Delivery System (ODS)

Our soft, triple-layer material gently conforms to the wound bend, ensuring optimized comfort even for patients with deep, uneven wounds.

This sterile, single-use interface has a ‘wheel’ shape to allow free passage of wound exudate into the secondary dressing while optimizing oxygen flow.

Oxygen Generator (OG)

The Oxygen Generator delivers a continuous flow of oxygen 24/7 to the wound bed through water electrolysis.


Rechargeable batteries last a full day. Click in one battery, leave the other to charge. Swap daily. It’s that easy.

Each device is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charging kit.

The battery compartment of the NATROX® O₂ is a topical oxygen therapy device
The battery compartment of the NATROX® O₂ is a topical oxygen therapy device
  • Icon of a magnifying glass symbol representing that NATROX® O₂ is a flexible wound healing solution

    Simple and easy to use

    Simply slide in the battery until you hear it click. The device starts automatically. Check the green light is flashing, to indicate it’s working. That’s it!

    No buttons. No alarms. No menus. It’s that simple.

Small, wearable, lightweight, discreet. NATROX® O₂ gives patients complete freedom of movement

Simply click it, check it, and go.

Collage of images showing wound healing progression with stunning before and after wound healing visuals showing the positive impact of using NATROX O2 topical oxygen therapy to help kickstart healing on chronic wounds

We trust you’ll agree,
NATROX® O₂ is….

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  • Easy to use and apply
  • Compatible with most standard secondary dressings
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  • Lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Portable with 24-hour battery power
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  • Small enough to stash in a pocket
  • Silent for undetectable wear and comfortable sleep
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  • 71% greater chance of healing1
  • Radically improves patients’ lives2

Our commitment to quality is industry-recognized.

Patient & Clinician Testimonials

“The device is so versatile. We should be using it for all types of wounds.”

Dr. Naz Wahab, Wound Care Specialist

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“It’s the best option for patients. It’s so discreet, doesn’t involve patients attending multiple appointments, traveling for treatment, and doesn’t need to be rented. NATROX® O₂ is our oxygen therapy of choice.

Samanatha Tate, Head of Podiatry,
Westmead Hospital, Australia

“The treatment saved my life! It’s so easy to use and very effective.”

Bonnie, NATROX® O₂ Patient

“It was really a miracle.”

Elliot Robinson, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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We couldn’t believe the difference in
2 weeks what it did for him.”

Joann Riordan, Wife & Caregiver

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“In 2 days my wound went down 20%.
It was absolutely remarkable!
And all it did was bombard it with oxygen.”

Mike Riordan, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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“Once we applied the topical oxygen, within the first 3 days there was a visible change in size and quality of the wound.”

Dr. Naz Wahab, Wound Care Specialist

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“The first week you could just tell the difference. Right away.”

Emilio Gonzalez, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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“I had a wound that was not healing…
Within 2 weeks it was just about gone completely.”

Rudy Martinez, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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“[After] over a year…having it
all taken care of in less than a month.
How amazing is that?”

Harriet Martinez, Wife & Caregiver

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“Because the patients and caretakers don’t have to change the dressing daily, that makes ‘ease of use’ very important.”

Dr. Naz Wahab, Wound Care Specialist

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“I was told to wear it for three months.
On the second month, I went back to work
because the wound had healed.”

Ricardo Medina, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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“It was really extremely easy to use and very comfortable.”

Elliot Robinson, NATROX® O₂ Patient

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“So little, so light,
you hardly felt anything!”

Gloria, NATROX® O₂ Patient

Watch Gloria’s Story

“It was a miracle to be without pain. I’m 91. It gave me a new life!

Sally, NATROX® O₂ Patient

Watch Sally’s Testimonial

“NATROX® O₂ from the perspective of a chronic, non-healing wound, can actually jumpstart the wound healing continuum.”

Dr. Naz Wahab, Wound Care Specialist

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“No one could heal me for 3 years. After 4 months of therapy, I could walk again!”

Mr. Christie Jacobs, NATROX® O₂ Patient

Watch Christie’s Journey

“I started using NATROX® O₂ July 10. By mid-August my wound was closed.

Julia, NATROX® O₂ patient

Read Julia's story

“This little thing is a wonder machine. It changed my life.”

Anna, NATROX® O₂ patient

Watch Anna's story

“NATROX® O₂ radically improves patients’ lives.” 3

Types of wounds NATROX® O₂ is designed to help heal include:

Diabetic foot ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Leg ulcer

Leg Ulcers
Venous, Arterial, Mixed

Pressure injury

Pressure Injuries

Open surgical wound

Non-Healing Surgical Wounds

…or wounds that fail to respond to standard of care

Who can benefit?

Patients can benefit from NATROX® O₂ therapy at any stage of wound healing

NATROX® O₂ can be used during any phase of healing and can help patients, particularly with the following underlying conditions:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Chronic wound inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Immobility
  • Immunosuppressed
  • Microvascular disease
  • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), Macrovascular disease
  • Systemic disease
  • Venous disease

How to order the NATROX® O₂ topical oxygen system

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In need of wound healing

This therapy must be prescribed by your doctor.

Talk to your clinician to ask if NATROX® O₂ is right for you.

Download this information packet to give to your health care provider.

Download Clinician Information Leaflet
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Providing wound care therapy

Reimbursement & Ordering

Reimbursement and ordering NATROX® O2 in the United States Reimbursement and ordering NATROX® O2 in the United Kingdom

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Rest of World:

Ask about availability in your region through our local partner network.

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[2] Wilson, M., 2021. Painful non-healing mixed leg ulcer: Case study. [online] Available at:

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