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Why NATROX® Wound Solutions?

There is a need for consistency across wound care that will move the focus from wound management to patient healing. But today’s marketplace is saturated with multiple products and therapies that offer minimal innovation and result in confusion for the clinician. Consequently, the treatments are often used in isolation rather than in a combined approach to produce superior clinical outcomes.

We’re changing that. We’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind program designed to empower clinicians in diagnosing and treating chronic wounds.

What is NATROX® Wound Solutions?

NATROX® Wound Solutions is a unique programme that enables clinicians to diagnose and treat chronic wounds. By joining essential products and services, it aims to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients.

This comprehensive solution delivers a model for diagnosis and treatment consistency, and is reinforced by education, guidance, and clinical support. This exclusive programme tailors each patient’s care plan, leveraging the best available data to deliver optimal healing.

NATROX® Wound Solutions is Your Partner and Expert in Wound Care.

Key Features

How the NATROX® O₂ Device Works

NATROX® O₂ Therapy

A simple device that aids wound healing in previously non-healing wounds by generating and delivering oxygen directly to the wound bed 24/7; ideal for both clinic and home care settings.

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Diagnostic Tools

Cutting-edge diagnostic tools to provide a variety of point-of-care data and support evidence-based treatment.

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Advanced Wound Therapies

A range of high-quality advanced wound dressings to suit all wound types and needs, supporting the best clinical outcomes.

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NATROX® IQ Advanced Wound Hub

Provides a digital template for documenting patient wound assessments, telehealth functionality, real time data and reporting. The system is connected to a third-party software which provides wound image capture and storage, and wound size measurement.

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Comprehensive Wound Care Training

A comprehensive suite of online educational modules support your team in building and growing their wound care knowledge, developed by leading wound clinicians.

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Clinical Support

On hand local clinical support to provide advice and help in complex cases or treatment decision-making.

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