New poster presented at DFCon 2022 by Dr. Lee

Managing patients with chronic non-healing wounds is challenging particularly for those in rural communities. This small, pilot study over 12-week study aimed to explore whether NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy (cTOT) in conjunction with an advanced digital platform with telehealth capabilities can offer clinical benefits while optimizing the limited clinical resources.

During the study, patient-clinician interactions increased by 54% while clinical time was reduced by 25%.

This study freed up nearly 18 hours of clinical time and over 50 clinic appointments — and that was based on just 8 patients. Clinicians reported that documentation was quicker and more consistent on the digital platform and the ability to assess wounds at arm’s length allowed the team to focus on those that required greater clinical input.

This study demonstrated that there are ways to deliver clinical excellence without jeopardizing or compromising care. By changing how we interacted with our patients, leveraging both a digital platform and cTOT we accomplished superior healing outcomes and greater flexibility in how individuals were managed. Furthermore, by enhancing patient autonomy and engagement, compliance was increased, and patients reported feeling a greater sense of connection to their doctor.

Poster presented by:

Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM, Director of Podiatric Medical Education, Staff Podiatrist, and Clinical Research Investigator (at the V.A. Hospital in Salem, Virginia presents her latest 12-week study on 8 patients exploring the combined use of NATROX® O₂ with an advanced digital platform using Telehealth to understand the clinical benefits.