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90% satisfaction scores++

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How can NATROX® O2 help me?

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Oxygen helps heal wounds

Oxygen is critical to healing. But when a wound has low levels of oxygen, the healing process can stop. Evidence shows adding topical oxygen to a wound can help kickstart and improve healing.++ ,++ ,++

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Uses the natural healing properties of oxygen

NATROX® O2 makes and sends pure humidified oxygen to the wound surface. Patients wear it 24/7 non-stop so the wound can get the oxygen it needs to support healing. NATROX® O2 is intended for use on complex, slow healing, or non-healing wounds.

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Clinically proven to heal chronic wounds

Many studies show greater healing using NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy. In fact, recent studies show a 71% greater chance of healing using NATROX® O2++. Treatment is typically 8 – 12 weeks.

Designed to empower patients to
live their normal life during treatment.

Life keeps moving, and so should you.

Types of wounds NATROX® O2 benefits most

foot ulcers

leg ulcers


surgical wounds

…or wounds that fail to respond to standard of care

Easy to use

Patients can even apply it from home.

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Is NATROX® O2 right for you?

Consult with your clinical team to ask if NATROX® O2 could help heal your wound.

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