Case Series Examining the Efficacy of cTOT in Treatment of DFUs

Author: Prof Harikrishna KR Nair S.I.S. KMN MD FRCPI FCWCS FMSWCP CMIA CHM │ Wound Care Unit, Dept of Internal Medicine, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Aim: To determine the efficacy of continuous oxygen therapy in the treatment of previously non-healing diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) where the majority of patients had a history of infections and prior amputations indicative of the severity and difficulty in healing.

Results: This study followed 6 patients. In all cases, the wounds progressed, as demonstrated by significant wound area reduction. This indicates that these wounds were now on a healing trajectory. Moreover, 3 of the cases healed within the 12-week study period. In the subsequent 4 weeks, 2 further patients healed. The 6th patient, who had an extremely large wound, achieved a 95% reduction in wound area.

Conclusion: This study supports previous findings which have demonstrated the beneficial effects of a continuous topical oxygen therapy in the treatment of especially hard-to-heal DFUs. Continuous topical oxygen therapy (cTOT*) was found to improve clinical outcomes and stimulate wound healing in wounds that were previously stagnated with standard of care.