Accelerated Healing with NATROX® O₂: Managing Late Radiation Tissue Injury Following Mohs Surgery

Unlock the transformative power of NATROX® O₂ in managing late radiation tissue injury following Mohs surgery. This insightful case series, published in WOUNDS journal, December 2023, highlights the remarkable healing outcomes and pain reduction achieved through continuous topical oxygen therapy (cTOT).

Title: Management of Late Radiation Tissue Injury with Continuous Topical Oxygen Therapy Supports Wound Healing in Patients of Advanced Age Following Mohs Surgery: A Case Series

Authors: Lawrence R. LoDico III; Windy Cole, Emma Woodmansey

Published in: Wounds, December 2023

Keywords: Radiation therapy, Dermatoporosis, Collagen, Mohs surgery, NATROX® O₂, Chronic radiation wound, Continuous topical oxygen therapy (cTOT), Late radiation tissue injury, Pain reduction

Citation: Cole W, Woodmansey E, LoDico III LR. Management of late radiation tissue injury ulcers with continuous topical oxygen therapy supports wound healing in patients of advanced age following Mohs surgery: a case series. Wounds. 2023;35(12):E420-E424. doi:10.25270/wnds/23128

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This article was based on a previously published poster:

Authors: Lawrence R. LoDico III; Windy Cole

Presented at: SAWC Fall 2023 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) and GWC 2023 (Malaysia)

Results show: Despite having failed multiple other advanced wound care treatment modalities, these three patients received conservative management using Continuous Topical Oxygen Therapy (cTOT). This treatment algorithm resulted in positive healing trajectories in all three patients. Additionally, all patients relayed a decrease in wound pain with the use of cTOT. Leveraging continuous topical oxygen therapy in an outpatient setting resulted in the complete closure of these refractory radiation wounds with an average time to complete epithelialization of 3.6 weeks.

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