Management of Chronic Radiation Tissue Necrosis Wounds with Continuous Topical Oxygen Therapy Supports Wound Healing in Patients of Advanced Age

Authors: Lawrence R. LoDico III; Windy Cole

Presented at: SAWC Fall 2023 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) and GWC 2023 (Malaysia)

Keywords: radiation therapy, dermatoporosis, collagen, Mohs surgery, NATROX® O₂

Results show:

  • Having failed multiple other advanced wound care treatment modalities these three patients received conservative management using cTOT.
  • This treatment algorithm resulted in positive healing trajectories in all three patients.
  • Additionally, all patients relayed a decrease in wound pain with the use of cTOT.
  • Leveraging cTOT in an outpatient setting resulted in the complete closure of these refractory radiation wounds with an average time to complete epithelialization of 3.6 weeks.