Combination therapy for a non-healing VLU

Image of Combination Therapy for Non-Healing Wounds


92-year-old male presented with a 3-year history of a painful, non-healing VLU. After two amniotic graft applications, the wound failed to enter into a healing trajectory. Therefore, it was decided to initiate NATROX® O₂ continuous topical oxygen therapy (cTOT) in conjunction with the amniotic tissue graft to improve tissue oxygenation and aid healing. Total wound closure was attained at 19 weeks and pain level went from a reported 8 to a 0 (on a 0-10 point scale with 10 being the worst pain possible).


Despite the many advanced wound care treatments available, wound healing was difficult to achieve with this patient’s 3-year VLU duration. The author believes that tandem combination therapy with NATROX O₂ and amniotic tissue grafts had a synergistic effect on wound healing in this patient. Furthermore, the patient experienced complete elimination of pain during therapy with NATROX O₂.

With looming limitations in the number of cellular, acellular, and matrix-like product (CAMP) applications permitted under various policies, healthcare practitioners are seeking effective synergistic therapies to support improved patient outcomes across the continuum of care.

NATROX O₂ proved to be an effective adjunctive therapy when used in combination with CAMPs in this case study, improving the speed of healing, as well as the complete elimination of pain.

Author: Paul Lorincy, DPM, Bethel Park, PA, USA

Published: May 2024