Continuous Topical Oxygen Therapy – Improving Healing in the Diabetic Foot

Author: Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM
Presented at: DFCon 2021
Keywords: DFUs, VA, USA, home care

Watch the author present a video summary of the poster:

Clinical poster by Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM, Director of Podiatric Medical Education, Staff Podiatrist & Clinical Research Investigator at the V.A. Hospital in Salem, Virginia. Case study results on 5 patients with complex or non-healing diabetic foot ulcers not responding to standard of care.

NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy was extremely effective in healing previously non-healing wounds. Even complex wounds with low tcPO2, indicating inadequate tissue perfusion improved beyond expectations. Results showed having a device that is simple to manage at home and works seamlessly with other advanced therapies can offer real clinical benefits.