Healing Steps: Ricardo’s Journey with NATROX® O₂

Witness the inspiring journey of Ricardo Medina, a 48-year-old street vendor from Barranquilla, Colombia. Diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and facing a severe neuropathic plantar ulcer with abscessed cellulitis, Ricardo’s life took a positive turn with NATROX® O₂ continuous topical oxygen therapy.

In this heartfelt testimonial, Ricardo shares how this pocket-sized, silent device became his constant companion, allowing him to work, move freely, and undergo treatment 24/7. The results are nothing short of miraculous – the wound healed completely, averting a potential amputation. Now, Ricardo is back to his vibrant life, working at his vegetable stall in the city market and cherishing every pain-free step.

Join us in celebrating the triumph of hope, healing, and the life-changing impact of NATROX® O₂. This video is courtesy of our NATROX® Colombia partner, CureLATAM, who treated this patient and helped restore him to health.

“I was told to wear it for three months.
On the second month, I went back to work
because the wound had healed.”

– Ricardo