How wound care clinicians can optimize clinical outcomes and resources

Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM, Director of Podiatric Medical Education, Staff Podiatrist, and Clinical Research Investigator at the VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia, presents her latest 12-week study on 8 patients exploring the combined use of NATROX® O₂ with an advanced digital platform using Telehealth to understand the clinical benefits.

Results showed:

• 90% avg. reduction in wound size.
• 2 patients healed completely, and a further 5 healed within weeks of the study’s completion.
• NATROX® O₂ was easy to manage at home with charging and changing the battery deemed extremely easy. Most patients reported increased mobility.
• Clinical interactions increased by 54%, but clinical time was reduced by 25%.
• The study freed up 18 hours of clinical time and 50+ clinical appointments.
• Bottom line: wound care without compromise–or walls–is possible!