International Consensus: Use of Topical Oxygen Therapy in Wound Healing – JoWC Sep 2023

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  • Topical oxygen therapy (TOT) aims to increase oxygen tension to support tissue regeneration
  • Rapid oxygen delivery has significant positive impacts on wound healing
  • Unlike hyperbaric oxygen, TOT can be administered by clinicians or patients in various settings
  • By accelerating wound healing, TOT should reduce the costs associated with potential infection hospitalization and/or amputation
  • Evidence supports the cost-effectiveness of adjunctive TOT in specific patient populations
  • Adjunctive TOT should be considered where standard of care alone has not achieved > 50% wound closure after 4 weeks
  • Optimal long-term results can be achieved with a multidisciplinary approach
  • TOT has been shown to reduce wound-related pain: 76% of patients had substantial, rapid pain relief and 69% stopped taking opioids completely