NATROX® O₂ topical oxygen wound therapy: A vital element in wound healing

Author: Tang Tjun Yip, Borripatara Wongprachum, Ibby Younis

Publication: Wounds Asia, 2019

Citation: Yip TT, Wongprachum B, Younis I. (2019) NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy: a vital element in wound healing. Wounds Asia, 10(1):44-7.

Keywords: Acute wounds, chronic/complex wounds, DFU, NPWT, skin graft

Key points:

  • The impact of persistent hypoxia is presented in the top table.
  • The impact of NATROX® O₂ is highlighted within the graphs, showing the immediate change in oxygen levels when NATROX® O₂ is on /off.
  • Each presenter supplied a case study demonstrating the efficacy of NATROX® O₂
  • Dr Tang: DFU which lead to a minor amputation. Heavy smoker and wound failed to progress with NPWT. Wound sloughy with some necrosis. Goal was to prepare the wound for grafting.
  • Dr B.: Necrotising fasciitis is a life-threatening infection. Goal of the therapy was to save the limb and then graft the wound due to the extensive skin loss.
  • Dr. Younis: This wound had been managed unsuccessfully with NPWT. In a very short period (21 days), the wound had changed dramatically.

Key takeaways:

  • Supports using NATROX® O₂ on a variety of wounds.
  • NATROX® O₂ can be used successfully to prepare wounds for skin grafting.
  • NATROX® O₂ works where NPWT has failed.