Sally’s Pain-Free Miracle: A NATROX® O₂ Testimonial at 91

Meet Sally, a 91-year-old who defied pain with NATROX® O₂. Watch as she shares her journey from a non-healing leg ulcer to a life without pain and a healed wound. This testimonial unveils the miraculous transformation that continuous topical oxygen therapy brought to Sally’s life. Dive into the transformative power of NATROX® O₂ and discover how it can bring healing and joy even at 91. Don’t miss the inspiration!


  • Sally, 91-year-old female
  • Non-healing ulcer on the right lower leg s/p squamous cell carcinoma and radiation therapy
  • Pain level before NATROX® O₂: 5/10
  • Pain level after NATROX® O₂: 0/10
  • Complete wound closure and skin epithelization in 3 weeks
  • Previous treatments: ultrasonic debridement, various CAMPS, compression bandaging
  • Baseline wound measurement: 3.0cm x 2.5cm, x0.6cm

“It was a miracle to me to be without pain.”

– Sally