Topical Oxygen Therapy in Hard-to-Heal Wounds in Cardiac Surgery

Introduction: Enhancing Healing with Topical Oxygen Therapy

Welcome to our latest resource featuring a groundbreaking poster on the benefits of topical oxygen therapy in hard-to-heal wounds, specifically within the context of cardiac surgery. Authored by Viviana Gonçalves, this poster provides critical insights into how topical oxygen therapy can revolutionize wound care for patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

The Role of Oxygen in Wound Healing

Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the wound-healing process. For chronic wounds, the demand for oxygen increases by 50%, yet these wounds often suffer from significant hypoxia. This lack of oxygen facilitates bacterial proliferation and biofilm development, which hinders the healing process and prolongs wound chronicity. Topical oxygen therapy directly addresses this issue by controlling prolonged inflammation and accelerating the healing process. It is particularly beneficial for long-term chronic wounds and serves as an effective adjuvant therapy. Patients also experience reduced pain during treatment and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Key Findings and Results

Viviana Gonçalves’ research highlights several key benefits of topical oxygen therapy:

  • Promotion of Healing Challenging Wounds: Highlights the beneficial impact of continuous topical oxygen therapy (cTOT) in various hard-to-heal wounds in patients following cardiac surgery. Wounds include a long-duration leg ulcer, a dehisced sternotomy wound, and a saphenous vein harvest site.
  • Efficacy of Therapy: Reduction in pain was noted across wound types and all wounds went on to heal following cTOT intervention.
  • Ease of Use: The portable device and the non-daily treatment requirement make it user-friendly, ensuring high patient adherence.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: This therapy not only improves patient outcomes but also offers a cost-effective solution for healthcare systems, translating into substantial health gains for both patients and healthcare providers.

Conclusion: A Breakthrough in Wound Care

This poster underscores the transformative potential of topical oxygen therapy in managing hard-to-heal wounds, particularly in cardiac surgery patients. By effectively promoting healing, simplifying treatment regimens, and offering a cost-effective solution, this therapy stands to make a significant impact on patient care and healthcare systems.

To delve deeper into Viviana Gonçalves’ research and findings, we invite you to view the full poster. Enhance your understanding of how topical oxygen therapy can improve your wound care practice and patient outcomes.

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About the Author: Viviana Gonçalves

Viviana Gonçalves is a renowned expert in wound care, focusing on innovative treatments for chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. Her extensive research and clinical experience make her a leading authority in the field, dedicated to improving patient care through evidence-based practices.