NATROX® Wound Care Expands Clinical Team to Meet Growing Demand While Prioritizing Patient-Centered Care

We have hired two new clinical experts as part of our rapid, international expansion. Dr. Emma Woodmansey was named Global Clinical Director and Lisa Thomas, Registered Nurse (RN) will serve as Clinical Specialist, EMEA.

Woodmansey will assume the responsibility of formulating and implementing the company’s clinical strategy. She’ll also contribute to new product design, risk assessments, and instructions-for-use development, all aimed at improving patient outcomes.

As Clinical Specialist EMEA, Lisa Thomas will provide support and guidance to healthcare providers as the company expands its distribution into Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Thomas will be responsible for building strategic partnerships with medical facilities and promoting an understanding of advanced wound care therapies.

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New Expert Guidelines from IWGDF Highlight the Growing International Recognition of Topical Oxygen Therapy (TOT) for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) have recently released updated guidelines recommending the use of topical oxygen therapy (TOT) for wound healing. The updated guidelines endorse TOT as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). With its endorsement by leading experts in the field, this ground-breaking therapy is poised to transform the lives of millions of people worldwide, offering renewed hope for effective healing and improved quality of life.

This comprehensive set of recommended DFU interventions, developed by a panel of renowned experts in the field whose mission is to prevent and manage diabetic foot disease, serves as a trusted resource for healthcare professionals worldwide. With its inclusion in the IWGDF guidelines, topical oxygen therapy emerges as a vital tool, poised to revolutionize the management and healing of foot ulcers in individuals with diabetes.

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NATROX® Symposium at EWMA 2023

Join us 3 May at EWMA for a ground breaking symposium. Learn how innovative topical oxygen therapy helps deliver substantial, rapid pain relief and can support an end to opioid use completely. This new therapy is a novel alternative to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in the treatment of chronic wounds, providing an easily accessible, low-cost option for improved wound healing.

Featured speakers include Dr. Thomas Serena from the SerenaGroup and Dr. Jakob WIkström from the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden.

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Health Technology Wales Guidance Advises Routine Adoption of NATROX® O₂

Health Technology Wales (HTW) has published Guidance advising the routine adoption of NATROX® O₂ for the treatment of chronic, non-healing and complex diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

“We have the opportunity right now to reshape the future. We’ve all seen the statistics on diabetes—and frankly, they’re depressing. What motivates our team is seeing the positive impact NATROX® O₂ makes on patients every day. Being included in this Guidance is another step towards shaping a future we can all feel inspired by,” said Kennedy.

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Delphi Consensus on Guidelines for the Use of Topical Oxygen

Delphi participants reached a consensus on when to prescribe topical oxygen therapy (TOT). Experts recommend using TOT in diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and supported payer reimbursement for this therapy modality. Experts agreed TOT should be considered in the following circumstances: Wound types likely to benefit: DOWNLOAD NOW

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How wound care clinicians can optimize clinical outcomes and resources

Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM, Director of Podiatric Medical Education, Staff Podiatrist, and Clinical Research Investigator (at the V.A. Hospital in Salem, Virginia presents her latest 12-week study on 8 patients exploring the combined use of NATROX® O₂ with an advanced digital platform using Telehealth to understand the clinical benefits.

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New poster presented at DFCon 2022 by Dr. Lee

Managing patients with chronic non-healing wounds is challenging particularly for those in rural communities. This small, pilot study over 12-week study aimed to explore whether NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy (cTOT) in conjunction with an advanced digital platform with telehealth capabilities can offer clinical benefits while optimizing the limited clinical resources. During the study, patient-clinician interactions…

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NATROX® O₂ Masterclass Guide

A new guide has been published in Wound Masterclass. It provides an overview on NATROX® O₂ and how it works. It covers what wounds are suitable and what wounds are not. It shows the stages of treatment, and also covers the clinical evidence and efficacy, including data on wound size reduction.

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