What to Expect

Dr. Aliza Lee, DPM, MS, ABPM, Director of Podiatric Medical Education, Staff Podiatrist, and Clinical Research Investigator ( at the V.A. Hospital in Salem, Virginia presents her latest 12-week study on 8 patients exploring the combined use of NATROX® O₂ with an advanced digital platform using Telehealth to understand the clinical benefits.

Results showed:

• 90% avg. reduction in wound size.
• 2 patients healed completely, and a further 5 healed within weeks of the study’s completion.
• NATROX® O₂ was easy to manage at home with charging and changing the battery deemed extremely easy. Most patients reported increased mobility.
• Clinical interactions increased by 54%, but clinical time was reduced by 25%.
• The study freed up 18 hours of clinical time and 50+ clinical appointments.
• Bottom line: wound care without compromise–or walls–is possible!