Craig Kennedy, Inotec AMD, included in the 10 Best Inspiring CEOs of 2020

Craig Kennedy, Inotec AMD’s CEO, has been included in the 10 Best Inspiring CEOs of 2020 according to Industry Era.

Industry Era states “Mr. Kennedy has a real insight into the wound care market and brings a lot of commercial credibility with him. Due to the multiple positions he has held, across many geographies his approach is truly global which allows Inotec AMD to really understand and meet the needs of all our global customers. Craig has a real view of where he sees NATROX® in the coming years and he is able to communicate this effortlessly across all the internal and external stakeholders.”

Since joining Inotec AMD as CEO, Craig has strategically driven Inotec AMD to develop new clinical evidence for NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy, as well as focusing on key markets such as the US, Europe and Asia.

“We have an incredible network of Key Opinion Leaders throughout the world that we will continue to expand on our clinical evidence and look for other indications where our product can benefit patients who currently do not have a good solution,” adds Craig.

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Inotec AMD is a Cambridge based company that was formed specifically to introduce a new technology to wound care specialists and health care providers around the world. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy was designed to promote faster and better healing in patients with wounds.